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Can Your Customers Find You?
by Terralíngua      Posted in  February 2, 2016

Can Your Customers Find You?If you sell goods or services abroad, your company has probably localized its website content to connect with customers and maximize sales. Most customers prefer to browse the web in their native tongue and appreciate a professionally translated website.

Although you have taken the time to translate your content into other languages, can your target customers find it? Reaching customers requires more than just translating pages. Many companies are realizing they also need to consider optimization for search engines, or SEO, in order to have the greatest reach to international markets.
SEO in a nutshell focuses on words and phrases in the target language that will act as keywords. Keywords will be picked up by search engines and get your content noticed, so they should be words and phrases that your customers would use when searching for your product or service online.

Your translation partner should be experienced with this important tool, therefore making your website content SEO savvy. Resist the temptation to use someone you know who speaks the target language without knowledge of how to properly use SEO. A web translation that is SEO optimized should contain varied content, so ensure that your translation does not have the same words over and over again. There should be several synonyms to keep the content interesting and engaging.

Using effective keywords will help drive web traffic. Consider carefully the words and phrases that might be used by customers when searching and ensure you properly capture these keywords in the target language. A good translator will know idioms, industry terms, and any slang that may be used.

Title tags and meta descriptions should also be translated. The title tag is the descriptive headline you see in a search result. The meta description tells what the website is about. These are both important as they give your customers or web browsers a snippet of what your company or product is about and invites them to click for more information. Relevant tags will drive people to your website.

You should also consider adding a target language blog to your website to increase traffic and connection with customers. A blog creates interest and is the perfect marketing tool. By creating a comments section, you can engage directly with your website visitors and gain a reputation for being helpful and knowledgeable about the products you sell.

SEO consideration in all languages will help to connect your company to those interested in your products and services anywhere in the world. An effective professional website will build your reputation, help your company engage with customers, and maximize your sales.

Terralíngua is an ISO-certified professional translation company that has worked for some of the world’s leading brands. Let us help your company put your business on a global platform. Please visit our website and contact us to discuss your translation and localization requirements.

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