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Pandemic Downtime Planning
by Terralíngua      Posted in  July 15, 2020

Pandemic Downtime PlanningThe busyness of daily business has slowed for many companies. Everyone is facing new challenges; however, every challenge paves a path to a new opportunity. This downtime allows for prospect and opportunity discovery within our global community.

One expanding budget item is the investment in e-commerce. Website updates and online product accessibility, which may require content in other languages, have become a necessary priority. When expanding into other markets there are many matters to address, and now is the time to investigate.

“Measure Twice, Cut Once” Research

There are many considerations before expanding your global reach, especially when starting relationships in other countries. There are many metrics and measurements to help gauge your cost. Below are additional planning checkpoints to consider before making final decisions.

Many companies consider the legalities and customs involved with international business, but what about the country’s infrastructure? Will your shipments easily get to their destination? How reliable are carriers and do they rely on road or rail facilities? Consider the target market’s economy including your potential customers’ spending power. A fair price in one market may be not feasible in another with the shipping cost.

If your product is new to that demographic, will additional education and training be required for the sale? Do you have the support channels available in that market? Research the marketplace environment, as well as the partners or distributors that could providing the support required for a successful expansion.

The Language of Business

Effective communication is key when it comes to productive global business. Many rely on localized websites and social media to obtain customer attention. However, how you gain attention and build rapport is important, especially with an international audience. Customer support, navigation ease and international payment information are critical factors.

Studies have long shown that consumers prefer browsing websites in their native tongue. They want to be 100% certain of the product or service before the purchase. Inaccurate translations will not allow fluent reading and content comprehension. It could invalidate the information and cause confusion and as well as distrust. The free translation you obtain from a website could cost a very high price when it comes to your reputation.

Consumers require a degree of trust before making a purchase. Professional translation and localization are an investment in your relationships and reputation. It is also an investment in the integrity and security of your content as anything that is posted online or shared without protocols in place could be used by another for other purposes.

In conclusion now is the time to research and appeal to new markets and opportunities. If your company is expanding their global reach, then professional translation and localization will create a solid foundation for clear communication and trust.


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