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Embracing the Tradition – Are Brick and Mortar Shops Making a Comeback?
by Terralíngua      Posted in  October 28, 2014

Embracing the Tradition – Are brick and mortar shops making a comeback?While internet shopping is comfortable and convenient, it seems that people still want to enjoy the experience of browsing through real shops. People want to be able to see and feel the products up close and try on clothes before they buy.

A survey among 18-25 year olds carried out by the students at LIN University in New York discovered that 68% of the young people they interviewed preferred to shop in a physical store, rather than online.

Listening to the Customer

Online eyewear brand Warby Parker decided to open a number of stores across the United States, despite having a hugely successful online business. Warby Parker’s co-founder Neil Blumenthal told the Los Angeles Times that the company felt online and traditional shopping should converge.

When he spoke at Internet Week he explained that customers were calling to ask if they could try on the glasses. Since Warby Parker had no premises, people ended up coming to his apartment and trying on glasses that were set out on his dining room table. That is what made him think about opening a physical store.

Bonobo’s, the Men’s fashion chain is another hugely successful online business which has also opened a number of appointment only stores. This was also a result of customers requesting to try on the clothes before buying.

Customer Service and the Shopping Experience

An online business does have the benefit of reduced costs. However, as Kristin Muhlner points out in her article for the Retail Touch Points blog, people today want exceptional customer service. They want to touch and feel the products, and they want a pleasant shopping experience. Many stores are now fusing the experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store with online technology.

Hollie Shaw points out in her blog for the Financial Post that many physical stores now resemble websites. Stores are also using mobile phone apps to enhance the customer’s experience and to make purchasing easier and quicker.

Opening a Retail Business Abroad

Many online retailers also have stores in other countries. Apple for example has had physical stores in various parts of the world since 2001.

Opening a store in another country means new laws and cultures. If you open a store in a non-English speaking country, like Apple and the office supply chain Staples, then you also face the challenge of marketing, advertising and the publicity of the store in another language.

Translating your materials into the target language by a translator and not a computer is important if you want your advertising and marketing to be authentic. Translators who live in the target country understand the nuances of the language and are better able to set the tone.

Professional human translators know the culture and the people of the country. They can advise how to localize your copy to make your marketing and advertising more appealing to your new customers.

Should your company decide to have an online only presence or a brick and mortar, the importance of a professional and culturally appropriate image to your customers cannot be overstated. Trusting professionals with your marketing and advertising should be a priority whether it be in English or any other language.

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