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Tips for Entering Multilingual Markets
by Terralíngua      Posted in  May 23, 2013

Tips for Entering Multilingual Markets Many software applications and technical manuals have very bad translations, and they end up making no sense to the reader. Before launching a product in the market, the texts should first be translated, and this should be given to professionals for completion. But the process is not as simple as it sounds. Here we list some of the major points that define whether a new translated document or product will be successful in the market or not successful.

Considering Translatability

Ideally, multilingualism should be considered during the early phases of the designing process of the new software. Even if you feel as if the multilingual versions may not be in the scope of the product at the beginning, you should still leave some options open for the future. Expansion of existing software into multiple languages is a very difficult task.

Single-Byte or Multi-Byte?

You will surely run into many unexpected obstacles and problems, while doing software localization. For instance, it is quite easy to change the date, the numbers, or even the currencies. But it becomes difficult when trying to accommodate the character lengths in different languages. Prematurely ending lines, menus with some parts cut-off, and other such problems give the product an unprofessional look. Multi-byte sets of characters for Asian letters need neat Unicode solution. Your apps can run smoothly when you find workarounds to common issues that are specific to any particular language.

Linguistically and Culturally Adept Professionals

All languages have certain words that can have different meanings. This makes it necessary to have experienced and adept professionals at hand, who can successfully localize the apps, rather than letting non-technical translators do the technical translations. Such professionals can interpret the meanings of sentences accurately in specific technical contexts. Else, simple commands such as “click to start” may be translated into unclear phrases that decrease the professionalism and comprehensibility of the product.

Often, you can derive great results by working with the reselling partners in every country that your product is released. These resellers are very interested in getting the software translated into the local language, and even have sufficient technical knowledge needed for great translations. Obviously, they should have a good understanding of both the original language and the language of target audience.

Timely Localization

Modern software are defined by frequent changes and additions to the existing features. These should also be translated and adapted into the different target languages. It is imperative to have a flexible and ready team of partners, and a translating agency who can cover the additional requirements in time. However, this may lead to conflicts if translation has been left to the resellers, as mentioned in the previous point. Resellers may not have the free time to simultaneously run some translations, and also personal schedules and differences in time zones should be accounted for. You can work along with the localization agencies in some cases, which can provide both linguistic and technical competence in addition to fast delivery.

Benefits of Having an Overviewer

All projects must have a responsible translation professional in-house, and another one at every partner organization. Many software localization agencies differentiate themselves in this option, as they usually employ professional and skilled project management. A project manager acts as the contact person, which simplifies the overall project and communication flow.

These five points can lead your product to multiple versions in different languages very quickly. You can guarantee a successful launch and product cycle in foreign markets by investing thought and care into execution. Multilingual text for products and sale requests are likely to experience sharp rise in the near future, so organizations must be ready for them. Please visit our Website to learn more about the high quality linguistic and localization services Terralíngua can offer.

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