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Why Your Business Needs an App
by Terralíngua      Posted in  November 28, 2018

Why Your Business Needs an App Consumers are using mobile apps every day for business or pleasure via smartphones. Online banking, social media, gaming and shopping are just a few of the examples. Apps have exploded in popularity and use. In 2017, over half of internet traffic was due to the use of apps. If your business doesn’t have a consumer app, perhaps it’s time!

A mobile app gives your customers a direct, personalized way to connect and have a relationship with your company and product wherever they are, at any time. This fact can help to increase sales and attract more customers. It’s also another marketing tool you can use to engage your target audience. Encourage them to share the app with others who may also have use for your product or service.

According to the eMarketeer, apps used in the United States account for 90% of internet time, with adults spending an average of three and a half hours each day on mobile devices. For businesses, this surely means that having a mobile app is just as important as having a website.

When you’re having an app created, it’s important to think about your global customers as well as those at home. That means making sure that your app is translated and localized for your customers in other markets.

Invest In the future

Translating and localizing your app will no doubt increase your return on investment in the future. TechCrunch reports that the global app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, up from $1.3 trillion last year, according to a new report from app analytics firm App Annie. During that same time frame, the user base will almost double from 3.4 billion people using apps to 6.3 billion, while the time spent in apps will grow to 3.5 trillion hours in 2021, up from 1.6 trillion in 2016.

3.4 billion app users spent on average $379 in apps across all three forms of monetization last year, or $0.80 per hour per person. These $379 will grow to $1,008 by 2021.

Translation is important as consumers prefer to read and make buying decisions in their native tongue. When you localize, you adapt your product or service to a specific market. It helps people from a particular country trust your brand as it directly relates to their culture with associated images and lingo.

App Stores

When your app is translated to other languages, it will attract more attention in an app store. According to the Common Sense Advisory, you need at least 16 languages to have a truly global reach. For most businesses, however, it will be enough to consider your biggest selling markets. In the United States, for instance, English, Spanish and Chinese will attract most US customers, since these are spoken languages used by the American population with the widest reach.

App Store Ranking

A localized app will rank higher than one that isn’t localized in the app store of the country you are targeting. Using appropriate keywords and placing your brand name in the app will put you ahead of your competitors by increasing your visibility.

Make sure you use localized images and videos and optimize your metadata. Use the right wording for the app’s description and instructions. This is especially important when certain words and phrases don’t have a local equivalent. By using a professional company to localize your content, you can be assured that a native speaking translator will be used with a thorough knowledge of the nuances of the language and will be able to find a suitable corresponding translation.

Customer Spending

Another good reason to have your app translated and localized is the fact that people tend to buy a product or service from a company that speaks their language. Another study by the Common Sense Advisory asked a group of web consumers how language influenced their decision to make a purchase. A whopping 72.4% said they were more likely to browse websites in their own language. This could just as easily apply to apps. The consumers questioned also confirmed that price wasn’t as crucial as being able to read in their own language.

This figure surely demonstrates the importance of translating and localizing apps to appeal to browsers and customers both at home and abroad.

An app is a forward-thinking method to connect with customers and to enhance your service offerings in all parts of the world.


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