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Effective Internal Communication – The Key to a Happier Global Workforce
by Terralíngua      Posted in  April 26, 2019

Effective Internal Communication - The Key to a Happier Global WorkforceEffective internal communication can be a challenge for large organizations, but it is an important part of running a productive business. If you want high employee production, less down time and excellent customer service, then effective communication is the key.

Look upon your workforce as a powerful marketing tool. They help to communicate your product or service and their enthusiasm for your business can help it to grow and thrive.


Each department within your company should be aware of each other’s activities. Coordinated internal communication should provide information and the control to ensure that this is the case. Your workforce should be involved in decision making, as well as encouraged to develop ideas and provide feedback.


Begin by sending out an assessment questionnaire to all staff. Provide the opportunity to share their opinions on the communication methods they prefer. This includes how they want to report concerns and what they think the priorities or essential aspects of a strategy agreement are.


Make the most of your organization’s private network. Create podcasts, blogs and newsfeeds that inform and engage staff. Encourage comments and use this feedback to collect valuable data about how your communication strategy is working.


Translation is important when communicating with your customers, but don’t forget about your workforce. Internal translation shouldn’t be forgotten when you want to pass on important information to employees who work for you abroad.

Though they may speak proficient English, do they have the same level of English proficiency for reading and writing? English has many words in some languages that can’t be translated. Slang terms are also popular, and you might use them in internal communications without even thinking about it.

Rather than hoping that your employees overseas understand the nuances of the English language, it is better to translate and localize important documents to ensure your employees understand your internal communication, goals and brand message.

Do all new employees understand your business vision and mission statements? Do they understand all legal and safety information? By having content translated, your company’s goals and expectations are clearly set out for everyone’s understanding. There should be no confusion about the company’s aims and employee expectations.

Feeling Valued

Internal communication is an ongoing process that requires constant evaluation and refinement. If done well, though, it will help to create a loyal workforce. Your employees will feel like they are a part of your company’s brand and will understand how to achieve goals globally.

Effective communication shows your employees how much you value their participation in your organization. Just as it shows your care with customer support, it is also an important aspect of feeling valued as an employee. Be assured that they fully understand the materials you provide. Communication in all languages demonstrates to all offices and employees they are a valued part of your workforce. It conveys respect of the global language and culture differences of the workforce as a whole.


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