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Why Your Company Needs Standardization in Your Localization Plan
by Terralíngua      Posted in  November 18, 2019

Why Your Company Needs Standardization in Your Localization PlanThe manufacturing industry has embraced the advantage of standardizing production efforts for a long time. However, standardization protocols should not just be implemented for product development, but for marketing and communication efforts as well.

Global standardization can be used to promote the goods and services of your company both at home and abroad. A standard process across the board means saving time and money when considering your global return on investment (ROI). Your strategy should be applied through all departments and managed with the assistance of a content management system (CMS). A CMS will also ensure that all brand documents are integrated within each relevant department for a seamless workflow across all marketing materials, including websites.

Standardization not only improves your translated documentation, but all your company’s content. Your strategy should result in clearly written text without the use of idioms or colloquialisms. Establishing standard terms for instructions will increase clarity and reduce translation costs.

The benefits of standardization include:

  • Better understanding of systems and processes throughout departments and offices
  • Improved quality as staff adheres to set standards
  • Efficiency as staff applies processes within each department
  • Savings in production costs leading to higher profits
  • Staff satisfaction as standard procedures reduce content creation and review approval time

For example, consider branding standardization. Without branding standardization, your marketing campaign will not resonate with consumers in other markets and countries. Your brand needs to provide a relevant consumer experience – including consideration of colours and images. A core message for consumers needs to be created and then adapted to each target audience.

Coca-Cola is an excellent example of a company that has implemented standardization with localization. Brand colours, consumer images and relevant local information are considered for each target market section of their website.

The benefits of localization standardization include:

  • An advantage over competitors that do not localize effectively
  • Building trust with customers in other countries
  • Quicker brand recognition
  • Building a loyal customer base

Standardization and localization are solid building blocks for your company’s foundation. Together, they can help your business grow and earn its profit in the global marketplace.


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