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Save Time and Money with Translation Memory
by Terralíngua      Posted in  September 12, 2013

Save Time and Money with Translation MemoryIf you are a small business with a big project on your hands, you need every penny that you can save. Or if you run big conglomerate with multiple projects, you surely will have less time on your hands to take a look at minute details of the business. If your big project is with a foreign client and you need to translate every bit of your work, then you need not fret too much about it. There is an easy solution to translate your work and save those valuable pennies and more importantly, your time.

Although you may not have heard about this that often translation memory is a great solution for all your translation requirements. This way you can ensure that the dealings with your foreign clients go in a smooth and proper manner. Read on to know more about translation memory.

All about translation memory

Most certainly you must have employed a translator to professionally take care of all your translation requirements. However, getting one with a translation memory is always a better option. This way you have the benefit of having an extra capacity to store data, every time the translation memory is used.

The translation memory is like a personal database that stores new information every time you use it. For example, you use your software to translate data for a project, the next time you utilize the software for another project the memory stored can be used to translate this new data, eliminating loss of time and money. The memory helps translate your data as accurately or nearly accurate as possible.

How does translation memory work?

As said earlier, translation memory works as a memory database. To understand more accurately how a translation memory works, take an example of yourself. If you are learning a new language, on the first day, you don’t have any knowledge whatsoever about the language, a clean slate. At the end of the day you have learnt a few words and it has been stored in your memory. The next day when you go to your class, you don’t have to learn the words that you have already learnt. They are stored in your memory and will remain there.

In the same way, translation memory remembers every word that is stored in it. It also works the same way as your brain, as it has memory of old data as well as the capacity to retain new information.

Why to opt for translation memory?

Translation memory is most importantly a time saver, secondly a money saver, and finally a resource saver. While in a normal procedure to translate data, the data makes several rounds before it can finally be presented to the director or the client of the project.

Say the file is sent to Premier Translator software, it is translated in tidbits, and from then on it is sent to the main translator, then after a couple of rounds it goes to the final translator. So, there are many rounds involved, which have to be repeated every time a new file or project comes in.

When you have a translation memory, after the premier project, the number of rounds that a file takes can be curbed to a minimum. With a translation memory, the file is translated, and then sent for a final check, and the work is done, in half the time, money, and use of resources. So why waste time and money it on such a simple and easy task?

If you aren’t convinced with the benefits of a translation memory, then take a second read. That will set all the doubts straight. The benefits of using it are many, some of which have been explained in the paragraphs above, some of which you discover as you utilize it in your business.

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