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Choose the Right Medical Sworn Translator
by Terralíngua      Posted in  August 1, 2013

Choose the Right Medical Sworn TranslatorA sworn translator is supposed to translate a document accurately from an original. So what is the need of sworn translation in medicine? Medical documents need to be translated appropriately into any language, which is why you should make sure that you have the best translation company you can get.

Inquire About the Translator’s Qualification

Translation companiesmay seem to vary in the services they provide to different people. This is because of the inconsistency of translators: some translators in the company may be good, while others may not be very proficient. The best way to make sure that you get the appropriate sworn translation is by verifying the qualification of the translator who has been allocated to you.

Make sure that the person has a major in the translation technique that he/she is supposed to be working on. If required, you may also ask for proof of his/her diploma or degree. Verify that the translator is appropriate for you and has enough knowledge about what you want him/her to do for you. After all, you are not investing your money on sworn translation to get negative returns. Research different translation companies or the backgrounds of different translators in order to make sure that you get the value for your money.


Experience is always important in any field. When it comes to sworn translation in medicine specifically, you should make sure that you settle for nothing but the best. Remember to verify whether the company’s translators have had any prior work experience. It would be even better if the translator assigned to the job has had experience in medical translation – because that is what you are going to make the translator do. The more experienced translators the company has, the better it is for you.

You are using sworn translation because simple accuracy is just not enough. This is another reason why you should choose a company whose translators have proven their mettle beforehand. You should also get someone who already knows the proper tricks of the trade so that you do not have to waste time explaining it to them, and no one but an experienced translator can give you this. While it may seem experience is not mandatory, it is definitely a recommended quality in a medical sworn translator.

Background in Medicine

So finally you have got a companyfor your sworn translation jobs and that company has translators as qualified and experienced as you might want them to be. But is that enough? The answer is no. To get most out of your translation jobs, you must also make sure that the people you are hiring have relevant working experience – more precisely, the translators should have previously worked in the medical field.

It would be even better if the translator assigned to the job is an expert in a specific field related to medicine. Novice translators – even those with translation experience in fields other than medicine may not be able to understand the complicated scientific nomenclature that medical sworn translation uses. But understanding these scientific terms is a basic prerequisite of hiring a translator, so you may need careful deliberation before you invest your money on a company.

This is also true for the tricks of the trade. Medical translators may need to do the work in a different manner than a legal translator. So, translator who has previously done the job will be able to perform it better without any investment on training on your part. For all these reasons, when you hire a company, make sure that its translators not only have experience, but ample relevant experience in the field.

There are a lot of institutions and companies who might claim to provide the best medical sworn translation personnel, but don’t just go on their claims. Make sure you verify everything and get the best that you can; because it is not just the amount of money you are investing, but it is also a fact that medicine is a critical field and needs only the best.

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