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Search Engine Optimization Benefits of Website Translation
by Terralíngua      Posted in  January 23, 2013

SEOOne of the lesser known benefits of getting your website translated into local and regional languages is that you get it optimized for the search engines. You must be well aware of the fact that a website without SEO in today’s world is literally useless. So, when you get the content on your site translated, you must ensure that all the trouble you took to optimize your site is not wasted. Also, keep in mind that your site is reaching out to a global audience, and English is slowly fading out as the most widely used language in the world.

Business or Consumer Site

When your site and the services you are offering are solely for business, having a site in English only will not help. A recent survey conducted by a multinational company showed that although English is still the most widely used language in the business community, the number is reducing steadily. People prefer the local languages like Chinese, French, Spanish, etc., even in business dealings.

Coming to the consumers, it is very well known that people of many nationalities prefer their local language. In fact, recent surveys show that 58% of China’s educated population is not well versed with English. Brazil, for instance, is on the 67th English fluency ranking position in the business environment. Also, other countries like Spain, France, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Indonesia, etc. are not far behind.

Implications of the Usage of Local Language to SEO

When people prefer using their local language, they will obviously use the local term for whatever they are searching for. A search engine spider does not understand the term it is searching. It just scours the World Wide Web for the term you specified and latches on to it using compare. In case your site is not optimized for those local terms, you might miss out on a lot of business.

Take the example of someone searching for web design services in Brazil. You must have the term ‘Website Design’ in Brazilian Portuguese in some part of your website for your listing to be shown up on the SERP. Similarly, the same technicality holds good for other languages also. That is the reason why most websites prefer to be presentable in a number of languages.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

If possible, conduct a SEO survey of the region to which you are catering to and use those keywords on that language in the content of your site. Also, make sure that the language is according to the SEO optimization rules. You might want to take the help of a SEO expert for this.

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