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The Importance of Quality Standards
by Terralíngua      Posted in  June 21, 2018

It has been said that translation is more of an art than a science. Though aspects of translation require craftsmanship, the procedures and protocols of carrying out quality work have important parameters. When selecting a translation partner, you want to ensure quality standards and protocols are in place but how can you insure this? ISO […]

The Importance of Localized Content
by Terralíngua      Posted in  May 17, 2018

The digital age has made it easier for consumers to purchase goods and conduct business transactions all over the globe. This has been a boon for companies who strive to grow sales by marketing goods in other markets. Consumers are also much more aware of their purchasing power with multiple choices and options. If a […]

Spring Cleaning Your Content
by Terralíngua      Posted in  April 17, 2018

If your organization spends a considerable amount producing content, then it is probably time to schedule a content spring cleaning. Starting 2018 with a clear vision and strategy will allow you to fully analyse and create a structured approach to ensure consistency and maximize asset use. Where to start? First take stock of your content […]

How to Reduce Translation Costs with Controlled Natural Language
by Terralíngua      Posted in  February 6, 2018

If your company produces a high volume of content, you know the costs involved in writing, editing and translation can be high. Global companies can have documentation translated into more than 20 languages. So a common concern is how to produce documents at a lower cost without losing the clarity and quality customers expect. Many […]

Quality Control – “Is Their Money Where Their Mouth Is?”
by Terralíngua      Posted in  January 19, 2018

A focus on quality is a “given” basic requirement when working with providers. Quality control assurances are a common mantra in marketing materials. However, how do you truly know the right procedures are implemented and functioning every day? It becomes more complicated with the translation industry. There are many different diplomas, degrees, and certifications a […]

”For Your Eyes Only?” Online Documentation Safety Considerations
by Terralíngua      Posted in  December 4, 2017

It was reported last year on a CBS News website that there are more Americans worried about their data privacy than about losing their income. 56 percent of the people are concerned about their privacy and trust the companies they deal with will keep their data from falling into the wrong hands. With the recent […]

How to Make Your Language Choices for Website Translation
by Terralíngua      Posted in  October 30, 2017

If you’re doing business globally, it’s important to have more than one language on your website. If you want customers from abroad to buy your products or use your services, then you need to be able to speak to them in their own language. Granted, large global companies don’t have this problem. They have the […]

The Language of Safety
by Terralíngua      Posted in  October 11, 2017

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), more than 13,000 workers in the United States are injured at work every day. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if health and safety rules had been followed. The object of the AEM is to help workers stay safe. That is why in June, which […]

Is Controlled Language the End of Human Translation for Technical Documents?
by Terralíngua      Posted in  September 18, 2017

Simplifying technical language to improve comprehension is not a new concept. In the 17th century, a book by Sir Thomas Urquhart contained his plans to construct a new language using simpler terms for tradesmen. He emphasized the benefits of writing in a style that a ten-year old boy would understand. By the end of the […]

Looking for Localization in All the Wrong Places?
by Terralíngua      Posted in  August 29, 2017

Searching for a reliable professional translation partner is often like dating. The relationship starts well but often things don’t go quite as you expected. One of two things usually follows. One may choose to “speed date”, vowing to never be in the same situation again. This choice is based on the belief that having many […]

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