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Translations in Global Business

Translations in Global BusinessTranslation has a big role in the global business scenario. It helps in enhancing communication by correctly converting any information from one language to some other one in various parts of the world. Translators generally work with written communications and there are many different fields where translation is usually required. Some of the major ones are the following.

Medical translation: Medical translation is tasked with translating hospital brochures and patient journals into the patients’ own language. As such, medical translators need to be well versed in both medical knowledge and the languages they are translating to and from. In addition, they need to know how a patient receives the given information.

Localization: The primary aim of localization is to completely re-fashion a product so that it can cater to different cultures and languages. Translators working in a localization project need to have a very high degree of knowledge about the local consumers of a product. The goal here is adapting the product in such a way as if it were manufactured originally in the region where it is going to be supported and sold.

Business translations: There are specialist translators for different business fields like marketing, economics, finance, and so on. These translators need to have comprehensive knowledge about respective markets and businesses, and the current events in the field also. For instance, there is a service for specialized translation in various financial markets. In this type of translation service, documents like regulatory reports and statements, reports on mutual funds, finance statements, and so on, are to be translated to the end user’s language.

Translation tips

Translation assists in communications transcending cultures and language barriers by converting any written data to a different language. As such, it is intrinsic to global business structures. Here are a few translation tips for global businesses:

Connecting with the globe

Translations of inter-office materials on intranet can bring the employees at different global offices together. This empowers those employees who may not be fluent in the language spoken in the headquarters. In addition, effectively translating items can positively extend the reach of the organization.

Translation provider

The aim of translation is to accurately translate the message into any foreign language. Doing this helps in keeping the business expectations same for the native-language speakers in other countries as well. Translating by yourself is risky, as poor translation can result in inappropriate or downright wrong content. You can enlist the services of a professional translation agency or translation company to effectively communicate your message.


Globalizing your work will affect the budget for translation. So discuss your specific translation needs with the translation service provider first, as it may have an impact the final budget. For instance, the word count of the final document may be different from the original one. In addition, translations for highly-specialized subjects can increase the turnaround cost and time.


Companies sometimes give last-minute orders for translations, which result in hurried work. Even data that may need more intensive work, in order to be adapted to the foreign language, will be done in a hurry. So, try to consult a translation service provider before placing the order to establish timelines and restrict the costs.


Think on a global scale when creating the original content. This will help you in streamlining the costs and time of the translation service. Translational experts can help in localizing the content, ensuring that the content is acceptable in the country of the intended audience.

Translation, when done right, can open the doors to new businesses and audiences for your service or product, and helps in increasing your reach beyond the local boundaries. Please visit our website to find out how Terralíngua can help you expand your business beyond the borders.