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Why it Makes Sense to Use a Content Management System

Why it Makes Sense to Use a Content Management System

Why it Makes Sense to Use a Content Management SystemA Content Management System (CMS) is an application that manages the creation, distribution and publishing of corporate material. It ensures all of your information is up to date, secure and efficiently managed from the content’s creation, through to publishing and filing.

Do I need it?

If your company regularly produces newsletters, press releases, instructional information and product updates and does so in more than one language, then a CMS will provide updates of previous information and create new content faster than a manual system.

What are the other benefits?

Ease of Use

First, it can be used by people who do not have any technical knowledge. You do not need to use a programmer or an HTML expert to assist with your content management strategies.

The CMS provides content developers with templates in order to create tailor made designs, formats and structures. Once the templates have been created, they are stored for use again and again. A CMS system separates content from design, meaning that the design of a website can be changed completely but the content remains untouched.


Users can access the system from multiple locations simultaneously, meaning that the marketing department and the sales department can use the system independently at the same time. This increases efficiency and makes content creation faster.


Using a CMS is as easy as using Word. Type in new content and press save. You can add or delete content at the click of a mouse. There are automatic updates for some tasks and reminders for others.

The database archive allows for the re-use of previous content without copying and pasting. If you need to produce content in a different language, you only have to translate the new content, which will mean a significant saving on translation costs.


A CMS allows you to make changes to the system at any time and from anywhere, which ensures that you get your content where it needs to be, quickly.

You can write and prepare content for an upcoming event in advance, set the release date and the system will publish your content automatically on the date you have specified.

Search Engine optimization is completed for you. A CMS will ensure that the technical work required to keep your web site noticed by search engines is carried out, so that your business will be found on a search browser.

In a nutshell, a CMS will help your company to efficiently manage your corporation’s content by:
• Enabling non-technical employees to use the system
• Allowing individual departments to work at the same time
• Updating remotely
• Re-using old content
• Allowing faster publishing time

The cost of implementing a CMS varies according to the size of your organization and the tools you want to use. Seek professional advice before the investment to ensure you find the right match to your needs, and not more or less.

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