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Choosing an Agency for Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services

Choosing an Agency for Brazilian Portuguese Translation ServiceMost international corporations will need the services of professional translators to make their products and services more user-friendly in different regions of the world. Translation into Brazilian Portuguese, which is among the top 10 most spoken languages in the world, is in huge demand. It is spoken by over 200 million people in the world and has a few region-specific dialects. Organizations that provide English into Brazilian Portuguese translation services empower any corporation to tap the vast market potential of the Portuguese-speaking population. The following tips should be taken into consideration when trying to find reliable English to Brazilian Portuguese translation services:


It is imperative that you search for expert and experienced Brazilian Portuguese translation professionals for your work. To gauge the quality of the services provided, you can check the track record of the service provider. Look for organizations, which have significant positive feedback from customers, and have a strong base of satisfied clients. Having years of experience counts in the translation-services industry and so does the educational qualifications of the professionals.

Time for Completion

The time taken to complete the assignments is another important consideration to make when choosing an English into Brazilian Portuguese translation service provider. You should search for the most flexible ones – the providers who are willing to work in your time frame. Try to find providers who can do quality work in reasonable time. Companies that hire expert professionals can usually guarantee quality services in the prescribed period of time. The end content should not only have translated words, but capture the underlying essence of the content, which can be best delivered by seasoned professionals.


Localization of your content is as important as the translation service, if not more. Localization involves adapting any text into the language and cultural dynamics of the target region. Professional translation service providers can give you localization services as well, and using such services is highly recommended if you want to connect intimately with your consumers. Localization of documents can help your consumer imbibe the ideas of your service or product in a more personalized way.


Local English into Brazilian Portuguese translation services can help in customizing the content according to market. This also helps in reducing the expenses related to the services, as bigger companies may charge more due to their overhead expenses. Also, having a concrete financial budget before trying to find a service provider can help in curtailing any extra expenditure that you may be tempted to make.

Value for Money

Check the value of the services that are included in the quoted price. Ensure that the company is employing expensive expert translators or affordable amateur translators. Check if they have an editor to check all the translations thoroughly. These factors can affect the price quoted, and are related with the quality of the translation service.

Translator Profiles

For English into Brazilian Portuguese translations, you should look for an agency that works with expert native translators, and has expert native editors to crosscheck the content. Therefore, having two native translators working on your document is ideal for most translation needs. In addition, make sure that the editor’s job includes checking the translation line by line, and not simply giving a quick grammar check.

Specialized Translations

If your translation has special requirements like medical translation or translation of legal documents, then choose specialized service providers in the category. Some translation services may also accept specialized orders at an additional cost. Avoid becoming a testing ground for agencies that have beginner translators in the specialized field.

When looking for English into Brazilian Portuguese translation services, you should research well to determine the legitimacy of the claims made by the service provider, and choose the one that is most suited for your needs. Please visit Terralíngua’s website to find out how our localization and translation services can help your business reach the international market.