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How a Localized and Translated App Can Benefit your Business

How a Localized and Translated App Can Benefit your Business

How a Localized and Translated App Can Benefit your BusinessHow a Localized and Translated App Can Benefit your Business[/caption]Think back to your smartphone’s use this past month. How many times have you made a purchase, conducted research or requested a service using it? More than likely you cannot recall an exact number because it is a part of daily life.

Smartphones are essential to personal and business transactions nowadays, and statistics show that by 2017 more than a third of the worldwide population will own one. Users rely on smartphone apps to interact efficiently with businesses and receive relationship perks. The role apps play in this scenario is to attract new customers, engage current consumers and ensure that your product or service is noticed.

Mobile apps have already been embraced by large companies that range from BBC America to Beats by DRE, but apps are an affordable option for medium sized and small businesses too. Has your company considered developing one?

Get Noticed

Smartphone users are said to spend at least two hours a day looking at their mobile devices. If your company has an app with a memorable image or engaging content, then your product or service is getting noticed.

The Perfect Marketing Tool

Customers who take advantage of the app can enjoy special offers, promotions or sales. Not only will your customers expand their relationship but will also spread the word to others, so they too can benefit from connecting with your company.

Reward Loyalty

Apps are synonymous with loyalty programs. Clients can track points or directly receive rewards from their smartphone.


Using an app is more personal than a website and is optimized for mobile interaction. It is easier to quickly obtain information and more convenient to interact with a direct access point.

Hitting the Right Targets

If your company does business in other countries, you mostly likely have your website content available in other languages. An app is no exception— it should be localized for your target audience. If you want your customers abroad to download your app, then it should be relevant to their culture.

A Successful Case

A prime example of a successful app was Coca-Cola’s Hong Kong Chok! Campaign.

To summarize it, Coca-Cola created a mobile app called Chok! for their customers in Honk Kong that turns mobile devices in a remote control. Then whenever a commercial from the company comes on the screen and Coca-Cola song starts, the app takes the audio signal from the commercial and synch it with the phone. After the app has recognized that the commercial is airing, the user must shake the smartphone to enter a sweepstakes collecting digital bottle caps and win prizes.

This is a great example that a mobile app is the perfect way to keep established and new customers interested and loyal. So why not start 2017 with a new way to connect your clients and brand?


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